Does your tree drop leaves mid summer?

  • This may be cause by a fungus.
  • Drought stress can also cause some minor leaf drop.
Is your spruce loosing needles?
  • Needlecast disease typically starts from the bottom of the tree.
  • Low sunlight can also cause needle drop
  • Insect damage can also be a factor.


  • Fungicide programs are typically done in early spring.
  • Cool wet weather promotes fungal growth
  • Fungicides are designed for PREVENTION.
  • Once a fungus is established on a leaf/needle it can not be removed.
  • Programs consist of 3-4 treatments which are 10-14 days apart.

Deciduous Tree Program Details
  • These trees drop their leafs each fall.
  • This program begins when the leaves start to emerge.
  • Spring rains help bounce the fungus into the tree where it tries to establish.
  • Once established the leafs develop spots and are unable to resist drought stress.
  • A new fungus will try to establish each spring
  • Trees are either resistant or prone to this disease.

Evergreen Tree Program Details
  • Trees with “Needles” Typically spruce
  • New fungus will try to establish on the NEW GROWTH each spring
  • Spring rain will help bounce the fungus into the tree
  • Fungicide programs focus on protecting the new growth
  • Needles will drop 1-2 years after infection

Manganese For Spruce

Manganese helps to promote new growth in evergreen trees.
  • This is a great product to combine with the fungicide program.