Cabling / Bracing

We offer various support systems to help REDUCE the risk of failure.

  • Tree bracing systems do not guarantee 100% safety.
  • Bracing systems simply help to REDUCE the movement in the tree leads which in turn reduces the likelihood of failure.
  • We offer two choices (Steel cable / Cobra cable)
We use high tinsel 1/4″ and 3/16″ diameter steel cable. Larger sizes are available if needed.

Cobra Cable

This is a great non-invasive way to help reduce movement in your tree. This system is highly rated and allows the tree room to grow.


Bolting is a great add-on to a cable system. The goal of this service is also to help limit the movement of the weak area. We would not recommend the installation of a bolting system with out a cable system in place. Any damage to the tree from the drilling is minimal and heals quickly.