Tree Diseases

Planting the right tree and properly maintaining your current trees is the best way to help prevent disease and fungus. Healthy trees have a built in defense system designed to fend off health issues.

Leaf/Needle Fungus

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Bacterial Leaf Scorch

What can you do?

  • Antibiotic Treatments
  • Reduce water stress with Cambistat
  • Insect treatments to reduce the spread.

Oak wilt can be a very deadly disease to oaks in both the White and Red family.

How does it spread?

Root Graft Transmission Root graft transmission is the most common mode of infection. Over 90% of all new oak wilt infections are transmitted in this manner. A root graft is formed when the roots of two trees of the same species meet and fuse together.

Sap feeding beetles (Nitidulidae) are the most common insect vector, but bark beetles (Scolytidae) have also been reported as a vector

Treatment Options

  • Treatment is best done as a preventative measure.
  • Avoid pruning during certain time periods.
  • Red Oak Group: Treat symptom free trees within root graft distance (50 feet) to an infected member of the red oak group.
  • White oaks may be treated preventively or therapeutically.

Tree Decay Fungus

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