Plant/Soil Testing

Why Test Plants?

A plant’s ability to take up adequate nutrients is influenced by many factors such as soil fertility level, soil temperature, soil compaction, soil moisture, nutrient balance in the soil, fertilizer applications, plant genetics, and many other factors. A chemical soil test cannot accurately account for all of these factors. A producer must use plant analysis if he expects to identify and understand the nutrient efficiency and needs of his crops and soils. Only plant analysis can tell us the actual nutrient status of the crop. Plant analysis can be used to detect low nutrient levels in plants before they are seen by the human eye. Once visual symptoms are visible, top yields and quality have already been compromised. Plant analysis is an important part of planning future fertility programs.

Tests Available

Proper interpretation of a plant analysis requires that the agronomist has complete nutrient information. There are many nutrient interactions in a plant that should be considered to accurately identify the cause of a disorder. Analyzing only one or two elements would be like reading only one or two chapters in a book — you do not get the whole story. For this reason, we offer only one plant analysis option, which is a complete nutrient analysis.


Everyone admires a beautiful, lush, healthy lawn. The first step in achieving one is soil testing to determine the proper nutrient program for maximum turf building. Samples should be taken from several areas of the lawn, especially if they vary substantially in drainage, soil type or other characteristics. Flower and shrubbery beds should also be tested so the particular requirements can be met. This simple low-cost analysis will mean a more luxurious lawn, brilliant flowers and dense foliage.

Why Test Turf Soils?

Soil testing is the best scientific method available to evaluate the nutritional status of the soil. Nutrient stresses and imbalances can reduce plant vigor, which increases the plant’s susceptibility to damage from drought, disease, insects, and other conditions.

That is why soil testing is important. And with so much at stake, your test must be as accurate as possible. Expert testing does not just happen; it’s the result of experienced people, reliable instruments, and a host of related factors. Spectrum Analytic Inc. provides you with professional dedication to accuracy.

Soil testing and proper lawn care will let you fully enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Disease Testing