Got Mites?

Spider mites are very common in landscape plants. They can cause a lot of plant damage particularly to evergreen plants. While a hand lens is needed to see the mites, the damage can be seen with the naked eye. Once damaged, the leaves/needles are not resistant to stress and drop easily.

What are my treatment options?

  • In most cases we can provide you with a (3) step program. This program applies the product as a foliar spray.
  • Each step helps to control the mites at a different life cycle while leaving the beneficial/predator mites unharmed. If a quick knockdown is required we do have products for this as well, however we try to avoid these as they predator mites are controlled as well.
  • If a foliar spray is not applicable we can also provide a soil drench at the base of the tree that will control insects that feed on the foliage.