Turf diseases and insect damage can quickly turn a lush lawn into a nightmare.

Adult Bill Bug

What Can I do?

  • Proactive fungicide and insect treatments can greatly reduce your risk.
  • If you think you may have a problem – Call us immediately! Some issues can be stopped before they spread.

Common Turf Diseases


  • Best to be applied as a preventive,
  • Can be applied after symptoms have started showing to reduce the spread
  • Once established the fungus can not be removed. Applications are made to prevent infection from spreading to new areas.
  • Treatments generally have a 15-30 day residual.

Insect Damage


  • Round #2 is a great time to apply a general insecticide to help control chinch and bill bugs.
  • Bill bug damage can appear mid season as grass blades are damaged and not able to with stand the higher temperatures and drought conditions.
  • Grub control is generally applied during round #3. MUST BE WATERED IN 1″ to get the product down to the grubs.
  • Apply water within 48 hours of grub control application unless stated otherwise.
  • We also have a product that can be used to stop the grub activity once it has started.